Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Romantic Stay in Paris

A hotel in Paris is a tricky thing: If you're looking for opulence, full-stop, the choice of the famous George V is obvious. But if you are looking for that precious and rare combination of value, luxury, and friendly, unpretentious service, the choice is equally evident: it's the Hotel Lotti.

The Eiffel Tower

The French authorities in charge of maintaining the tower provide a useful website that can attest to be a blessing for travelers from other countries. The website gives accurate rates for sightseeing and also provides the history of the construction of the tower. Distinct rates exist for adults and children as well as exclusive concessions that are available for the disabled.

Eating in Paris

Lovers of fresh food will enjoy the markets that exist in Paris where you are able to walk around and rub elbows with the locals as you experience the thrill of the outdoor markets and enjoy the taste of the fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables and the newer organic foods.

Of course the high end fine dining is what Paris is known for and if you are looking for this you will find no shortage of choices in Paris. In gourmet stores such as Layfayette's you will find a huge selection of regional gourmet foods and fine wines from all over the globe. The store is very popular and a great place to buy local food to cook your own meals if you don't want to eat out the entire time you are there.

Cheap Flights To Paris

Try to fly to Paris from major airports like New York. This is because there are a number of flights to Paris from here so you are more likely to get better rates than what you would get from other smaller airports and make your schedule flexible if you want cheap airfare to Paris. You will have to pay more if you fly during the school holidays. So it is better to travel during the weekdays. Check the price well in advance. You can save money by extending your stay for a day or two so that you avoid the popular dates. You can get good deals if you fly on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.